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We are proud to the fact that our factory stands beneath some of the greatest names in sleeping industry.
Find out why they choose to trust us.




Team of top professionals in their area, gathered around the same goals and ideas, is deserving for renown that HealthCare Europe reached. Maximum of devotion, creativity and expertise gave, as a result, the unique quality and innocuous satisfaction for our clients.


We can be a complete answer to your request

Nudimo Vam kompletnu uslugu dizajniranja, izrade, pakovanja i transporta proizvoda. Na Vama je da nam pružite osnovne informacije u vezi sa onim što želite, a u najkraćem roku ćete dobiti potpunu ponudu dizajna, sastava i pakovanja proizvoda. Naš dizajner će osmisliti jedinstvene i adekvatne ponude koje se uklapaju u Vašu viziju, želje i budžet, a svaka od njih može biti izmenjena i prilagođena prema Vašim dodatnim zahtevima i idejama. Ukoliko niste u potpunosti sigurni koji opseg proizvoda bi bio idelan za Vaše poslovanje, naši zaposleni će Vam rado uputiti savete, sugestije i ideje koje bi mogle da Vam pomognu da donesete najbolji mogući izbor.

But we could also be a missing piece of the puzzle

If your company already runs some production processes or your brand already has some long- term associates and suppliers for some raw materials, then we invite you to choose the missing component.

Raw materials you deliver us will be used to fit in with our raw materials, with non distracted attention and professionalism so your ideal product will look exactly the way you wanted.

Also, we can be your supplier for foam in block, foam flakes of cores, where we can guarantee quality according to the highest international standards, same as the most competitive prices because your order is going to be delivered straight from the manufacturer.


If you are ready and willing to be the best
at what you will be doing
and strive to the highest
, if you are dedicated and focused to
a performance
, good team player responsible for your own job

and you care about buyer`s satisfaction, check
our open positions and apply!

Do you want to become a part of our team?