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Block foaming

Production of regular PU and memory foams of the highest quality is what we are, next to wide assortment of final products, is what we are recognized for world wide.

We own continuous horizontal line for flexible PU foam in block production, that we get via maxfoam and laydown procedure.

Our production line is 250 m long, blocks themselves are 20 and 40 m long, while foam density goes between 18 to 80 kg/m3).

Great number of dosing machine lines give us possibility to produce the widest assortment of flexible PU foams of an ether type:

  • Standard (M) foams, densities 18-35 kg/m3)
  • HR (G) foams, densities 30-40 kg/m3)
  • Air (Q) – MDI based memory foams, densities 28-40 kg/m3)
  • • Memory (P) foam based on TDI, density 40-80 kg/m3)
  • Smart (R) – latex like foam based on MDI, densities 50-55 kg/m3)

All these types of foams, together with all their sub-types, are different measuring density, flexibility level and cell structure. Every one of them is possible to combine with other foam types, which makes final products spectrum almost unlimited.

Mold pillows foaming

Foaming or foam molding is very complex process, managed by the most advanced robot line technology. The foam chemical components have to be precisely mixed and injected in a prepared mold. After a residence time, foam is removed from mold and ready for final curing time.

The unique production technique that includes high-quality molds allows us to produce an identical shaped pillow with perfect contours and edges.

Unlike products that are cut from foam block, molded pillows do not have to be cut, glued or additionally treated.

We possess about 300 molds which may produce very differently shaped memory foam pillows, such as travel pillows in different sizes, cushions, lumbar, anti-snore pillows, super breathable pillows with holes, contour pillows, soap pillow and many more.

Foam pressing hardness, resilience, constant temperature and foam stretch are just some of numerous tests that our products have been exposed to in order to provide the best possible quality.

Here you can download your Mold pillows catalog:
Mold pillows catalog Serbian version and
Mold pillows catalog English version


In polyurethane and memory foam industry, almost 70% of total price of a final product is formed according to raw materials. The fact that all types of foam are created in our lab, carefully controlled and designed by top experts
and with the most quality chemical components is something that rises us above any competition.

Thanks to ultimate equipment, the most advanced machines, devices and robotic lines, not just we can keep the pace with industrial improvement in every moment, but with our all-the-time quality improvement we set standards in this type of industry.
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Regular PU foam

These foam types are marked with M and we produce them in a wide spectrum of densities (od 18 do 35 kg/m3)),And have a wide usage in upholstery industry and sleeping equipment industry. We are talking about foam type that is most often used as a mattress base, choosing firm and semi firm types, because of its extremely supportive function. Products can be made of regular foam only, but also combined with different layers of memory, smart or other foam sorts, in order to achieve some specific firmness and usages. Regular PU foams are extremely durable and airy, but also elastic which allows them to stand pesure and weight without permenent deformity.

HR foam

Same as other synthetic foams, HR foam (high resilience foam) is based on polyurethane, but its preferences have major differences comparing to other PU foam types, and its production mark is G.

We talk about advanced elasticity foams . Since we know that standard foams elasticity is 30-48%, HR foam elasticity is at the level of 50%Extreme resilience and durability is one of the major preferences of HR foam, so is bouncy sensation similar to the one caused by springs. That is why HR foams can be equally useful as a base of a mattress, same as one of the upper layers.

Memory foam

The most popular type of foam you can find on market is memory foam that has amazing preferences: extraordinary flexibility, great possibility to adjust right according to body shape and weight same as ability of reducing motion transmission. Key benefit of memory foam comparing to the other materials is that there are no critical points, but pressure is dispersed equally in every moment. Also, amazing preference is great thermosensitive power that allows memory foam to adjust to the temperature that surrounds it.

We produce memory foams based on two types of isocyanides – TDI (toluen – diisocyanide) with P mark, and MDI based foams (methilen – dyphenyl – diisocyanide) that are marked with letter Q.

TDI based foams are more rough on touch, extremely elastic and have been made in bigger densities than MDI based foams (40 – 80 kg/m3)Open cell structure allows great air circulation and breathability.

MDI based memory foams are marked as `Q` foams and they are made with lower densities (28 – 40 kg/m3)). These foams are silkier, more homogenous than TDI foams and very adjustable..

Smart foam

This type of polyurethane foam is also called "latex like", and it got this name because it has characteristics very similar to natural latex characteristics. This foam is very elastic, like rubber materials. Also called "smart foam" has some advantages when we compare it with natural latex: its open cell structure allows material to breathe so there is no need for additional perforations in order to provide air flow. Densities are 50-55 kg/m3.

This type of foam is most often used for pillows, toppers and upper layers for mattresses because of its unique softness and bouncy sensation.

These foams are marked with `R`, and at this moment, we are producing them in two different densities.



Modernly equipped laboratory, such as ours, is inevitable part in a production of PU foams of the highest quality.
Next to very precise measuring, examination and mixing components, our lab also runs numerous tests
that guarantee quality, durability and technical characteristics of our polyurethane foams.
Our laboratory can measure physically- mechanical foam characteristics such as density, firmness, strength of stretching
and other. Laboratory is equipped with device for firmness testing, constant temperature keeping, devices for
stretching and elasticity testing and many other that have been applied to every batch of produced foam.






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