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Here in HealthCare Europe we believe that the world would be
a better place if people would sleep better. Our mission is
to supply market with mattresses, toppers, pillows and accessorizes
made of the most quality memory foam for affordable prices.
By making quality memory foam products available
to everyone, we are making world a better place,
offering the most beautiful dreams.


Join us if you want to be the best.




Worker training in cutting department - place of work: Ruma
Needed people: 1
Deadline to apply:

Radnik na obuci na pakovanju- place of work: Ruma
Needed people: 1
Deadline to apply:

Warehouse clerk - place of work: Ruma
Needed people: 1
Deadline to apply:

Special attention is directed to the most important factor of our success and company development – our employees. In a very short period of time grew up to 600 employees and care about every and each one of them is our priority. Detailed training organized by experienced mentors in first months of working represents unique beginning on a way to become successful professional.

If You want to become a part of HealthCare Europe team and to create environment for better dreams together, just fill up the apply form so we can add to you our data base. We will be free to contact You as soon as there are adequate open positions according to Your education and former work experience.



Write your full name and last name. We recommend to use Latin font and native letters such as š, đ, č, ć and ž. E- mail address you leave in application should be checked regularly because we can use it as one of ways to contact You.


In a field `Position you apply for` write exact name of a work place you are applying for. If the position that you are applying for is active for more location in the same time, please do not forget to write the city you are applying for.


To be valid, your job application must meet several conditions. In case you do not have a work resume, enter all the information requested directly in the application form in order to increase the chances of being contacted. In addition to the fields listed in the fields left, also send the following information:

  • Latest education level
  • Title
  • Birth date
  • Residency place
  • Telephone number