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HealthCare Europe d.o.o. was established in 2012 in Serbia as a daughter company of a Chinese memory foam production giant HealthCare Co. Ltd. Factory is placed in Ruma, Republic of Serbia, with more than 60.000 m² and supplies European markets, Russia, the Middle East, and the USA. As a regional leader in foam production of various kinds, such as conventional PU, memory, HR, and Smart™. This wide choice of foams themselves provides an even broader range of cores, semi-products, and final products, because all these types of foam may be combined according to the customer’s demand.

Our broad product portfolio range consists of diverse types of mattresses, toppers, pillows, and other accessories.


Countries where we distribute our products.


Employees in various sectors.

3 000 000

Finished mattresses.

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Why should you do business with us?

We are innovative.

  • We develop our own equipment.
  • We formulate and produce our own foam.
  • We comply and are certified based on international standards.

We are global.

  • We sell products to Europe, America, and Asia.
  • We research and understand the standards and requirements.

We offer the best value.

  • We are efficient and control our costs at every step of production.

We are solid and growing.

  • We strive to improve our production processes.
  • We are regional leaders in producing diverse foams and sleep-related items.


The possibilities are endless

Whether you are interested in polyurethane foam as raw material, a large assortment of cores, semiproducts, or our final products, our team of experts is there to help you to find the best option for your business.

We will rapidly and highly effectively fulfill your demands and expectations. If you are unsure which option is best for your business and final customers, our team of experts will gladly help you with your selection of products, composition, preferences, design, fabrics, and even packaging.

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We’re always one step ahead

The fact that all foam types are tested in our lab, carefully controlled, and designed by top experts, and with the highest quality chemical components is something that gives us an edge over any competition

Thanks to our ultimate equipment, innovative machines, devices, and robotic lines, we do not just keep pace with industrial improvement at any time, but we set standards in this manufacturing area.

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Meet Our Brands

Our factory manufactures sleep-related items for
our two brands - MLILY® and ESSENCE SLEEP®.

MLILY® is an international brand specializing in industry-leading sleep solutions. As a team of sleep experts, we work tirelessly to create innovative designs revolutionary materials and provide you with life-changing sleeping experiences. Our MLILY® patented materials are scientifically engineered to provide a supportive, comfortable feel that adapts to your body’s natural pressure points, relieving stress and pressure.

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ESSENCE SLEEP® brand is dedicated to obtaining the best sleeping experience. By making affordable, high-quality memory foam sleep products, like mattresses, toppers, and pillows, we create the highest value for our customers and make the world a better place, one sweet dream at a time.

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A good team is a guarantee of success. Our team comprises more than 578 hardworking, professional workers divided into well-organized work units – departments led by top experts.

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  • Are you hardworking, dependable, and a team player?
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