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Whether you are interested in polyurethane foam as raw material, a wide assortment of cores, semi-products, or our final products, our team of experts is there to help you to find the best option for your business.

Final products, semi-products, and raw materials for all your need

We are renown leaders in manufacturing mattresses, toppers, and pillows out of memory, standard, and combined types of PU foam on the global market. Therefore, rest assured that our wide range of finished products and semi-products are made following the highest international quality standards, certified by CertiPur® and OEKO-TEX®.

Modern design of our products, flawless functionality, and proven quality are provided by a team of experts from different sectors and complete quality control at every step of the production cycle.

If you are a part of the sleep industry and produce sleep-related products, we can offer you:

  • Mattress cores,
  • Memory and conventional foam blocks,
  • Memory and conventional foam flakes.

We can be the whole answer to your demand…

From the complete design service, production, packaging to product transport – we are ready to respond to your requests quickly, precisely, and efficiently.

Using your vision, want, and budget as our guide, our designer will produce a unique offer that can be easily customized according to added requirements. All you have to do is provide us with the basic information about what you want, and we will make sure to send you the complete offer as soon as possible.

If you are not sure what type of product would be ideal for your business, our employees will gladly give you advice, suggestions, and ideas so that you can make the best possible choice.

…Or we could be the missing puzzle piece you need

No matter how much you deal with certain manufacturing processes or how long you cooperate with suppliers, there is always a missing component that will complement your final product. Let us be the ones who will help you reach your maximum.

As a supplier, we can provide you with block foam, foam flakes, or the cores themselves, whose quality is guaranteed by the highest international standards. By combining your raw materials with ours, we can also make your ideal product.

Because your order directly comes from the factory of one of Europe’s leading producers of PU foam, we also guarantee you the price that will blow other competitors out of the water.


Technical specifications


As sleep industry experts, we know how important a mattress for healthy and comfortable sleep is. We also know that each of us has different sleep needs.

Therefore, in our factory, we create the highest quality and various mattress models to respond to your request as best as possible. From softer to firmer, through perforated and profiled, those with “summer and winter” sides, to the foamy ones and those with pocket springs, are just some of the mattresses found in our offer.

You can choose between basic one-layered and two-layered mattresses or luxury multi-layered mattresses and those with a detachable topper or with a quilted foam inside the cover.

To complement the sleep experience, we also have a wide selection of covers that are treated to possess unique properties. We make fabrics with Aloe Vera, bamboo fibers, Tencel, or fabrics with a cooling effect. And, of course, we also have the good old classics – quality cotton and polyester covers.

Foam core mattresses

The most common types of foam mattresses are those that are made entirely out of PU foam. Typically, a solid and supportive PU foam is used as a base layer, while the remaining layers can be arranged differently.

They can be made of memory foams of varying densities, foams with natural latex properties, softer standard foams, foams with cooling gel particles, or HR foams.

This mattress type can be one-sided, where additional layers are added on both sides of the mattress. That way, you can achieve different levels of hardness and core function.

Mattresses with pocket springs

The second option is mattresses, whose cores are made from combining various PU foams and pocket springs, also known as “hybrid” mattresses. In the base of the core are springs, individually placed in their own “pockets”- wrappers made of non-woven textiles.

The spring base is tucked into its own frame out of PU foam, which is then encased with layers of different memory and standard foams.

Their comfort resembles those of traditional mattresses – transfer of movement is more pronounced, as are flexibility and the elasticity of the surface.


Sometimes we all need an extra dose of comfort. Luckily, there are mattress toppers. This convenient product can be made in numerous variations, heights, and dimensions.

Starting with hardness, which determines whether the topper will be intended for improving overall comfort or for therapeutic purposes. We can construct toppers out of every type of memory or standard foam or combine various standard, memory, or other foam with unique properties.

With the help of the advanced technology we use, machines for cutting and formatting enable toppers to receive special purposes with the help of different profiles. Toppers with a convoluted (profiled) cut foam core (pyramid structure), for example, provide a sensation of a mild massage, while the popular profile with 7 support zones provides full muscle relaxation.

We can also add unique perforations on the cores to achieve increased air circulation, elevated comfort, and a fresher sleep surface experience.

Toppers with a flat core

Flat-cut toppers are made from standard PU foam of varying densities. These models are most often used to restore support to worn-out beds or cover bumps created by wear and tear.

Cores derived from pure memory foam are used to improve the bed's overall comfort, soften stiff surfaces, and for pain relief purposes. Namely, the unique property of memory foam is precisely in its even distribution of pressure. This relieves the body of tension, stiffness, and pain.

Prevalent alternatives are toppers made of a combination of standard and memory foam. The product derived in such a way contains great characteristics of both types of materials.

Profiled and perforated toppers

Thanks to advanced cutting machines, we can provide additional properties to our toppers. For example, the core can be profiled into a pyramid. That way, end buyers will enjoy the feeling of a mild massage and additional stimulation and relaxation of the whole-body musculature.

The “seven-zoned” convoluting is particularly popular. Namely, different profiles on the core provide fully customized support for different body regions.

Profiling can also be done on toppers out of standard, as well as those that have memory foam cores. We can also do special perforations and core drilling, to improve the air circulation and the whole comfort.


We all know that it is the little things that complement every experience. Sleep is no exception either. Depending on the technology you choose, we make different types of pillows.

Based on your needs, we make cut pillows of different shapes, molded pillows derived by pouring foam into various molds, or classically shaped pillows filled with memory and standard foam flakes.

Although they significantly differ by hardness and properties, molded pillows and those cut from a block have certain advantages and are produced in multiple forms. The most popular are contour pillows and “soap” shaped pillows, but the assortment is significantly wider.

In our assortment, you can find ergonomically shaped pillows, lumbar pillows, neck travel pillows, anti-snore, pillows intended for people who sleep exclusively on their side, and other kinds. In addition to different dimensions and heights, you can also choose pillows with other uses, such as decorative ones, for sitting or pillows for pregnant women and babies.

Cut pillows

Pillows whose core is cut from a block have a wide firmness range. From lower-density foams to foams of exceptional density, to foams enriched with gel cooling particles, or foams with natural latex properties.

The most popular shapes in which they are produced are the anatomical shape, or contour, and the rounded rectangular shape known as the “soap.”

Variations in terms of dimensions can be ranged. The cores can also be multi-layered, thus gaining adjustable height and flexibility of the pillow.

Molded core pillows

Thanks to the precise and complex technology of pouring foam into molds, we get products of a perfectly rounded shape without any need for further processing, pasting, or reshaping.

Molded pillows are derived from memory foams of higher densities, making them highly adaptable, very supportive, and completely homogenous and smooth structure. Currently, we can produce about 15 various shapes of molded pillows of memory foam, available in different dimensions.

Medical textile products

Aside from manufacturing sleep-related products, HealthCare Europe d.o.o. also produces surgical and KN95 masks. The masks are made by layering high-quality retex fabric. Retex is a polypropylene microporous, air-permeable, non-woven material. So that no air-borne bacteria and microbes go through the mask, a melt-blown filter is added between layers.

Surgical mask

  • Disposable usage
  • Two-dimensional mask
    made of woven textiles
  • Dimensions 175×95 mm
  • Blue, white

Surgical, or procedure face masks are single-use disposable masks mainly used by health care professionals to protect themselves and others from the spread of airborne infectious diseases, bodily fluids and particulate matter (FDA, 2020

KN95 mask

  • Efficient filtering ≥ 95%
  • Five-layer mask
  • Dimensions 13x9x18 cm
  • Individually packaged
  • White

KN95 masks are designed to offer better protection than standard disposable masks. Our KN95 masks filter non-oil-based particles such as those resulting from viruses, PM 2.5 air pollution, wildfires, or volcanic eruptions.


Our factory manufactures sleep-related items for our two brands - MLILY® and ESSENCE SLEEP®. For more information about their assortment and specifications, please look:

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