Each individual product was made with a lot of effort, creativity, and careful exploring of sleeping needs


The fact that all foam types are tested in our lab, carefully controlled, and designed by top experts,
and with the highest quality chemical components is something that gives us an edge over any

We can cut all the shape and dimensions of the foam thanks to the well-equipped cutting line, which
consist of:

  • CNC machines for cutting long blocks of foam
  • CNC machines for 3D cutting short blocks into various contour-shapes
  • Carousel machines for highly efficient cutting of flat panels and foam foils
  • Vertical cutting machines
  • Profiled cutting machines that enable efficient cutting toppers and multi-zone mattresses
  • foam board
  • Machines with rollers for opening the cellular foam structure
  • Machines for foam perforation
  • Peeling machines for cutting roll foil foam
  • Sticking line, an integral part of the foam cutting line

Thanks to our ultimate equipment, innovative machines, devices, and robotic lines, we do not just
keep pace with industrial improvement at any time, but we set standards in this manufacturing area.


Our high-end laboratory is an inevitable part of producing PU foams of the highest quality.
Besides exact measuring, examinations, and mixing components, our lab also runs numerous tests that guarantee our polyurethane foams’ quality, durability, and technical characteristics. Our
laboratory can measure physical-mechanical foam characteristics such as:


Our company’s primary goal is to provide quality, affordable, and functional products for our clients, made in strictly controlled production processes, with top quality control

Molded pillows foaming

Molded pillow production has been managed by the most advanced robot line technology. The foam’s chemical components must be precisely mixed and injected into a prepared mold.

The unique production technique that includes high-quality molds allows us to produce an identically shaped pillow with perfect contours and edges. Using molds, we can create all those shapes that cannot be obtained by simply cutting off a foam block.

The factory in Serbia can produce 15 different dimensions and shapes of molded pillows:

Contour pillow,
Traditional (“soap” shaped) pillow,
Lumbar cushion,
Travel pillow, etc.

Per customer requirements, pillows can be produced with a gel pad. Different fragrances can be infused as well.

The hardness of pillows can also be adjusted by customer requirements. The pillow can be made with or without holes to improve airflow.

You can see our catalogs of molded pillows here:

Molded pillows catalog (Serbian version) Molded pillows catalog (English version)

Design and concept

From the moment you decide to work with us, our design and development team will be available to you every step of the way. If it is all about creating and designing a completely new product according to your fixed criteria or those our experts made for you, rest assured that you will get the best offer for your investment.

Before we start producing the agreed order, if you wish, we can make you a sample of the desired product (regular-sized or just a section), so you can see it by yourself that we understood and realized your idea in the best possible way. We are open to all your suggestions or change, so together we could reach the perfect cooperation.

Besides an impressive spectrum of regular, memory, HR, and smart foams, our offer lets you choose high-quality textile components from our suppliers, certified according to the highest international standards.

If you wish, you can be a representative and retailer for some of our brands or choose products to represent through your brand.

Cutting and molding

After regular and memory foam blocks foaming on a 250 m long line, the block will be cut and shaped through the most advanced machines. We own 7 CNC machines for long blocks cutting and further cutting preparation, 6 CNC machines for 3D short blocks cutting in different 3D/contour shapes, 3 Carousell machines for high–efficiency cutting of flat foam plates, 2 vertical cut machines, 2 profiling
machines (for multi-zoned mattresses and toppers), 3 crushing machines with rollers for cell structure
opening, 2 machines for foam perforation, and 1 peeling for cutting of foam foil rolls.

Gluing line, as an integral part of the foam cutting line, has been used to complete cores production for final products.

Molded pillow cores are produced by the most advanced robotic line with a capacity of about 80.000 molded pillows per month. We can create contour pillows, “soap” shaped pillows, travel neck pillows, lumbar pillows, sitting cushions, and everything in different dimensions and foam density, with or without perforated holes for better airflow.

Block foaming

Production of conventional PU and memory foams of the highest quality is what we are, next to a wide assortment of final products, recognized worldwide.

In block production, we own a continuous max foam/lay-down foaming line for flexible PU foam. On the 250 m long foaming line, we have been producing 20 and 40 m long flexible PU foam blocks within the density range from 18 to 80 kg/m3. More than 40 dosing lines allows us to foam a wide range of foam types and densities:

Conventional(M) foam, density 18-35 kg/m3
HR(G) foam, density 30-40 kg/m3
AirCell®(Q) foam, density 28-40 kg/m3
Gel AirCell®(Q) foam
Memory (P) foam, density 40-80 kg/m3
Memory (P) foam with gel
Smart (R)-latex-like foam™, density 50-55 kg/m3
Conventional flame retardant (FR) foam
Memory FR foam

Together with their subtypes, all these foam types differentiate by firmness, level of flexibility, and cell structure. Every one of them is possible to combine with another foam type, which makes the choice we offer fascinating.

Tailoring and sewing

You can choose any fabric among our numerous samples to get unique preferences, such as innovative fabrics enriched with different yarn components and treatments. For example, fabrics with bamboo fibers, Tencel, or Aloe Vera, which give fabric antibacterial, antiallergenic, and similar preferences that increase sleeping quality and comfort.

Most often, we choose renowned suppliers so we can be able to strictly control quality bats to guarantee better lead time. Of course, you can choose to use your own supplier’s fabrics, own labels, embroidery, and ribbons.

Tailoring and sewing halls own modern machines for fabric processing. Among them, there are 4 single–needle quilting machines, 3 multi-needle quilting machines, two embroidery machines with 20 heads, and 136 kits of sewing machines. Modern quilting machines and embroidery machines allow us to give you a choice between almost unlimited designs for quilting and embroidery motives. This option allows for a more luxurious design, better comfort, and a fantastic possibility to represent your brand through the elements you decide you want. You may choose cover quilting with high-quality hollow fiber or numerous
standard and memory foams, while for your brand logo, slogan, or product name, you may choose almost
any color you imagine.

Thanks to advanced technology and the possibility of doing all the operations inside our production cycle,
we can follow and control every step, guaranteeing the highest quality.

Packaging and warehouse

The final products packaging process is done through two primary lines – the mattress/toppers packaging line and the pillow packaging line. You can choose or deliver packaging material yourself, or we can get it for you in the dimensions, design, and shape you desire.

For toppers and mattresses packaging, we use three strong pressing devices that allow us to compress, vacuum into PET foil, roll up and finally pack our products into retail or transport boxes of an appropriate size. We pack pillows through a highly effective line that allows vacuuming and rolling them up, or, if you so choose to, they can come in classic packaging – non-woven bag, box, foil, or similar.

We can optimize the packaging dimensions with a well-elaborated and efficient system and provide better loading space, warehouse, and reduced transport costs.

Our warehouse space covers nearly 15.000 m2 , which provides a high operative level.

Foam as a raw material

From our factory’s premises, we produce approximately ten thousand tons of various foam types annually. Learn more about them from the following sections.

Smart foam

This type of polyurethane foam is also called “latex-like.” The name comes from being remarkably similar to natural latex. It is characterized by its rubber-like elasticity but also exceptional tenacity and comfort.

The advantage of Smart foam™, relative to natural latex, is its open-cell structure that enables easy airflow and constant ventilation of the mattress core or topper. Densities range from 50-55 kg/m3.

It is most commonly used for making pillows, mattresses, and surface layers because it is very adaptable and soft.

Memory foam

The most popular type of foam you can find on the market is memory foam. Memory foam has the unique feature of slow recovery after pressure (“slow recovery” effect) and progressive adaptation to the shape of the sleeper’s body, the influence of body temperature and the environment.

The core of the mattress, topper, or pillow, made using layers of memory foam, provides an exceptional feeling of relaxation, as the foam of these characteristics distributes the body pressure evenly at all points of support.

We produce TDI-based memory foams (“P”) within a wide density range of 40 – 80 kg/m3 and MDI-based AirCell® foam in a density range of 28 – 40 kg/m3.

With gel particles infused into the cell structure, our memory and AirCell® foam can provide a cooling effect.

We can also offer our customers flame retardant (FR) memory foams for specific applications.

HR foam

HR foam is known for its improved elasticity. Its cellular structure enables high elasticity and optimal level of support, so a mattress made of this foam can be classified as mattresses with emphasized ergonomic orthopedic properties.

If standard foam’s elasticity is in a range of 30 – 45%, the elasticity of HR foam is above 50%. This shows that extreme resilience and durability are some of the significant characteristics of HR foam. It has a bouncy sensation akin to the one caused by springs.

HR foams can be equally valuable as a mattress and topper base and as one of the upper layers.

Conventional PU foam

These types of foam carry the mark “M,” and we produce them in various densities (18 – 35 kg/m3 ). They have wide usage in the upholstery industry and sleeping equipment industry. These foam types are most often used as a mattress and topper base in our factory.

Products can be made only of conventional foam or combined with different layers of memory, smart, or other foam sorts to achieve some specific comfort and usages. Conventional PU foams are highly durable and elastic, which allows them to stand pressure and weight without permanent deformity.

Besides, we can offer our customers flame retardant (FR) conventional foams for specific applications.

Interested to know more of our offer?

Read more about our innovative foams - AirCell® and Smart foamTM - on the following link

Learn More

Our suppliers

Healthcare Europe is focused on the procurement of raw materials
from European manufacturers, which allows us :

  • To conduct continuous quality control.
  • To offer short delivery times and flexibility.
  • To ensure the European origin of finished products.

Our main suppliers of foam production materials are DOW, Covestro, BASF, Repsol, Evonik, etc.
The primary suppliers of fabrics/textile are well-known European companies: BEKAERT DESLEE,
COMFYTEX, KIRAYTEX, and many others.


For our business to be successful, we must consider that our products are safe for users and show respect and care for our employees. This is also demonstrated by our numerous certificates, which prove that we strictly adhere to the highest international regulations and parameters and manage our business and organization of working conditions accordingly.

Since its inception, the company has been certified and operates in accordance with the requirements of Standard Quality Management – ISO 9001: 2015, constantly working to improve its processes following the dynamic internal and external environment of the business.

HealthCare Europe d.o.o. carries two OEKO-TEX® certificates . The certificate numbered 25.3.0154 guarantees that the PU foam , whether slabstock  or molded, is safe for our consumer’s health. On the other hand, the OEKO-TEX® 25.3.0155 certificate is proof that our final products are free of harmful substances.

Since February of 2017, HealthCare Europe d.o.o. has carried the right to the CertiPur® certification. Numbered C-SRB-1216-987-0325, it guarantees our buyers that our foams, which we incorporate into the final products, meet the consumption criteria and requirements set by the CertiPur® Safety Health Environment standards.

During the same year, we were granted the BSCI certification under the number 355547/79668. It expresses high-social responsibility and awareness that HealthCare Europe d.o.o. shows towards its employees and the wider community

The SEAQUAL™ Initiative is dedicated to cleaning up oceans from plastic waste and then giving them a new life. To show our support for this worthy cause, we are proud holders of the SEAQUAL™ Yarn license. This license is given to those manufacturers that use the innovative SEAQUAL™ Yarn, a material similar to the polyester made from upcycled marine plastic.

A good team is a guarantee of success. Our team comprises more than 578 hardworking, professional workers divided into well-organized work units – departments led by top experts.

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