June 2, 2022

Our goals

  • To respond to the needs of our clients successfully and adequately, we monitor and listen closely to the needs of the market, and we are constantly changing and growing, according to the latest changes.
  • We continue to strongly cooperate with brands and companies through Europe, the Middle East, Russia, and North Africa, with the goal to make trust, possibilities, offers, and interests even bigger from moment to moment.
  • We respect our suppliers and partners by adhering strictly to clean-cut and concise quality and business policies.
  • Continuous quality control, the European origin of finished products, and significantly more flexible delivery deadlines are possible by obtaining processed materials, which we use in the foam and fabrics production, mainly from European suppliers.
  • Our numerous certificates, which confirm that we adhere to the highest international standards of quality, safety, environmental preservation, and good business policies, prove that we care for our customers and consumers.
  • When it comes to healthy sleep, we strive to keep up with the most state-of-the-art technologies and to pre-emptively use them.
  • Our everyday efforts to further improve the quality of products, processes, procedures, and operations guarantee our products’ best and unsurpassed caliber.
  • We are persistent in repeatedly pushing boundaries and constantly improving ourselves.