May 11, 2022

Smart Foam™

The specially engineered Smart foam™ is breathable, flexible, and effectively adapts to the body’s natural contours.

This foam is called “latex-like” because it is remarkably similar to natural latex. Smart foam™ has all the physical-mechanical properties of latex, like the rubber-like elasticity, exceptional tenacity, and comfort.

One of the foam’s many advantages is its open-cell structure, which allows the foam to “breath.” With improved breathability, there is no need for additional perforations. Thanks to this ability, the foam is allergy-free.

This “latex-like” foam is currently produced in two different densities, ranging from 50-55 kg/m3.

Smart foam™ is most commonly used for making pillows, mattresses, and surface layers because it is very adaptable and soft, ensuring a more comfortable, restful night’s sleep.