June 9, 2022

What are cookies, and for what purpose are they used?

Cookies, or ‘cookies,’ are information that the website sends to the User’s computer. They usually save
your web page settings, such as your preferred language or address. Later, when you reopen the same
page, the browser sends back cookies, which allow you to display information on the page tailored to
your needs. Also, these cookies are necessary for faster, more efficient access to our page as well as for
its security, enabling you to search faster, simpler, safer, and easier to search! Cookies associated with
social networks provide access to social networks and share content.

Page preview data is saved as log-in files. Each so-called log data record consists of the webpage from
which you accessed our page, IP addresses, times and dates of access to the page, page visitor queries,
HTTP code responses, downloaded amounts of data, information about the browser you are using, and
information about your operating system. Some cookies are temporary and disappear when you turn off
the browser; others are permanent and remain on your computer.

Of course, you can decide not to use cookies at any time during a visit to our or any website. However,
note that in this case, some features and pages will not work as you expect and that you will be denied
the best search capability. You can do this by setting cookies not to be saved on your browser and already
saved. For disabling and deleting cookies, check your internet browser’s Help feature.