June 9, 2022

Your personal data rights that we process:

1) TRANSPARENCY: When you leave us personal data, we will transparently notify you of the purpose for
which we need specific data, who uses this data, and will provide you with all other information relevant
to processing your data (this right is fulfilled by providing this Notice).

2) RIGHT TO INSIGHT: You have the right to be notified of whether we are processing your personal data,
and if we process it, you have the right, based on the completed insight, to request sleep, update,
update, delete data, as well as an interruption and temporary suspension of processing.
If we process your personal data as handlers – you have the right of us to obtain all the information about
the subject process. If you want to get information about your employer’s processing of your data, you
need to contact the employer, who then holds the position of personal data handler.

3) RIGHT TO UPDATE, UPDATE, AND UPDATE: The processed data should be accurate and complete. You
have the right to correct your incorrect personal data without unnecessary delay or incomplete
replenishment data.

4) RIGHT TO DELETE: You have the right to have your personal data deleted according to the ZZPL. If it is
necessary that we continue to process to carry out our legal obligations (e.g., Law on Accounting and the
like) or for the purpose of filing, achieving, or defending a legal claim, we will erase only some of the data
that we no longer need.

IMPORTANT: If you request the right to delete your personal data and delete your user account, you will
no longer be able to register your account with the same address.

5) RIGHT TO PORTABILITY: If you wish to obtain from us (i) in a structured, commonly used, and
electronically readable form the personal data that you provided to us during registration or (ii) to pass
on to another handler the personal data that you provided to us as a handler, you have the right to ask us
to do so, provided that the processing is based on consent or contract and that processing is done

6) RIGHT TO LIMIT PROCESSING: You have the right to request restrictions on processing your personal
data in certain situations.

7) RIGHT TO OBJECTION: You have the right to object to the processing of your personal data on the basis of legitimate interest. You have the right to object to processing your personal data based on legitimate interest.

8) RIGHT TO ADDRESS THE COMPETENT AUTHORITY: Right to file a complaint with the Commissioner for
access to information of public importance and protection of personal data – Bulevar kralja Aleksandra
no. 15, 11120 Belgrade, telephone: +38111 3408 900, email: office@poverenik.rs.

9) ALL OTHER RIGHTS STIPULATED BY LEGAL REGULATION: The person to whom the data relates can
exercise his rights by referring the request to the email address: office@healthcareeurope.rs.

Regarding the achievement of the above requirements, Healthcare Europe will provide you with all
necessary additional information and assistance in accordance with the conditions and as required by
applicable law.

We will respond to your request as soon as possible and not later than 30 days from the date of receipt of
the request. In the event of complexity or many requests, we may need an additional deadline to
respond to the request. That deadline cannot be longer than 90 days, and we will inform you in

If your request is clearly unfounded or repeated frequently, we may refuse it or charge costs for its
realization. It is considered a common occurrence when you contact us with a request to realize one of
the rights more than once in one year. If you contact us twice or more in one year for the same right, we
will only respond to your request if you have probable cause.

For any information regarding the Privacy Policy or to send requests for updates, updates, deletion, and
disruption of the use of your personal data, you can contact us directly by email:
office@healthcareeurope.rs or by mail to healthcare EUROPE LTD RUMA, Potes Rumska petlja 5, 22400