June 2, 2022


The fact that all foam types are tested in our lab, carefully controlled, and designed by top experts,
and with the highest quality chemical components is something that gives us an edge over any

We can cut all the shape and dimensions of the foam thanks to the well-equipped cutting line, which
consist of:

  • CNC machines for cutting long blocks of foam
  • CNC machines for 3D cutting short blocks into various contour-shapes
  • Carousel machines for highly efficient cutting of flat panels and foam foils
  • Vertical cutting machines
  • Profiled cutting machines that enable efficient cutting toppers and multi-zone mattresses
  • foam board
  • Machines with rollers for opening the cellular foam structure
  • Machines for foam perforation
  • Peeling machines for cutting roll foil foam
  • Sticking line, an integral part of the foam cutting line

Thanks to our ultimate equipment, innovative machines, devices, and robotic lines, we do not just
keep pace with industrial improvement at any time, but we set standards in this manufacturing area.