June 2, 2022

Packaging and warehouse

The final products packaging process is done through two primary lines – the mattress/toppers packaging line and the pillow packaging line. You can choose or deliver packaging material yourself, or we can get it for you in the dimensions, design, and shape you desire.

For toppers and mattresses packaging, we use three strong pressing devices that allow us to compress, vacuum into PET foil, roll up and finally pack our products into retail or transport boxes of an appropriate size. We pack pillows through a highly effective line that allows vacuuming and rolling them up, or, if you so choose to, they can come in classic packaging – non-woven bag, box, foil, or similar.

We can optimize the packaging dimensions with a well-elaborated and efficient system and provide better loading space, warehouse, and reduced transport costs.

Our warehouse space covers nearly 15.000 m2 , which provides a high operative level.