June 2, 2022

Tailoring and sewing

You can choose any fabric among our numerous samples to get unique preferences, such as innovative fabrics enriched with different yarn components and treatments. For example, fabrics with bamboo fibers, Tencel, or Aloe Vera, which give fabric antibacterial, antiallergenic, and similar preferences that increase sleeping quality and comfort.

Most often, we choose renowned suppliers so we can be able to strictly control quality bats to guarantee better lead time. Of course, you can choose to use your own supplier’s fabrics, own labels, embroidery, and ribbons.

Tailoring and sewing halls own modern machines for fabric processing. Among them, there are 4 single–needle quilting machines, 3 multi-needle quilting machines, two embroidery machines with 20 heads, and 136 kits of sewing machines. Modern quilting machines and embroidery machines allow us to give you a choice between almost unlimited designs for quilting and embroidery motives. This option allows for a more luxurious design, better comfort, and a fantastic possibility to represent your brand through the elements you decide you want. You may choose cover quilting with high-quality hollow fiber or numerous
standard and memory foams, while for your brand logo, slogan, or product name, you may choose almost
any color you imagine.

Thanks to advanced technology and the possibility of doing all the operations inside our production cycle,
we can follow and control every step, guaranteeing the highest quality.