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We are regional leader at memory and regular foam production, same as wide spectrum of final sleeping products of a recognizable quality.

Trust our clients gave us is based on an absolute dedication to every segment of our business - starting from idea, offer, precise deals, respecting deadlines and final products themselves.

Through our long term experience, company "HealthCare Europe" together with our mother company "HealthCare Co., Ltd", grows, develops business and production processes, so our top priority may always be at absolute focus - possibility to offer an adequate and wide spectrum of solutions for healthy and comfortable sleep.

Next to top experts, growing number of employees, maximum dedication and the most advanced technology, behind the quality of our products stand numerous certificates that confirm the highest international standards and regulations.

By now, we made several millions of different products, hundreds of bigger and smaller clients, dozens popular brands in sleeping industry and one common feeling - satisfaction.




We were founded as a result of a joint venture of a Danish "EverRest" - our biggest European buyer, and Chinese company and a world leader in production of a memory foam and sleeping foam products "HealthCare Co. Ltd". Their intention was to improve already successful cooperation and to start a perspective factory in Serbia, through founding HealthCare Europe d.o.o.

„HealthCare Europe“ d.o.o. started its first days in Novi Sad in 2012th yeas with only few employees ,but with very clear vision and strong will.

Because of that, in 2014th we started building factory in Ruma, which was just a first step in an investment worth nearly 50 million EUR.

At a very beginning, back in 2012, we signed an Understanding memorandum that implies final number of about 1.200 employees and impressive production capacities.

Danas, prostiremo se na skoro 50.000 kvadratnih metara, posedujemo pet proizvodnih hala, oko 600 radnika i sprovodimo kompletni ciklus proizvodnje, što znači da smo veoma krupnim koracima hrlimo ka svom inicijalnom cilju.


Wishing to answer adequate to our clients urges, we are carefully listening market needs and request that keep changing and which make us change and grow all the time.

That is the reason we are continuing strong cooperation with brand and companies through the Europe, Middle East, Russia and North Africa, with a goal to make trust, possibilities, offers and interest even bigger from moment to moment.

We absolutely admire our suppliers and partners, we fully keep up with very strict and concise quality and business policy. Raw material, especially when we speak about foams and fabrics, we purchase mostly from European suppliers which gives us continuous control of the quality, European origin of final products and significantly faster delivery time.

We care about our clients and consumers , about what testifies numerous certificates that approve keeping up with the highest international quality standards, safety, preservation of the environment and fair business policy.

We strive not just to keep pace with the most modern technologies, but to set up new standards when we talk about sleeping industry.

We guarantee top and unquestionable quality of all of our products. Still, we work hard every day on further product, process, procedure and work operations development, because we are very persistent in reaching our goal: moving limits over and over again ad always becoming better.



All our products are completely safe and reliable for usage, and therefore can not have any negative consequences for consumer`s health, which is confirmed by CertiPur and OekoTex certificates that guarantee quality of our foams and OekoTex certificate that guarantees harmlessness and durability of textile materials we use. Quality of our business policy is testified by ISO 9001:2015 standard that we earned by respecting the highest international parameters.

We are proud at how much we respect our workers, because they are foundation of every success and good result, so we are absolutely keeping up with BSCI standard at every single point, unquestionably respecting all work and human rights of our employees. BSCI standard promotes social responsible business behavior, contributes to work terms improvement and safety at work, and all that earn trust of employees, clients, business partners and consumers.

Quality Policy HealthCare Europe Ltd

Dobar tim je garancija uspeha. Naš tim čini oko 1000 vrednih, predanih i stručnih ljudi, na čelu sa vrhunskim ekspertima u svojim oblastima.



We want to thank to all local, regional and national news companies who broadcast news about our company and contributed to employing many people and made available to everyone all important information about presence of quality and affordable sleeping products.

We are always glad to cooperate and welcome you, but also to answer to all of your questions about our work, employment and business.