Meet Our Brands

Our factory manufactures sleep-related items for
our two brands - MLILY® and ESSENCE SLEEP®.

Both brands have a vast assortment of high-quality foam-based sleep items, such as mattresses, mattress toppers, and pillows. Each offers a unique flavor and one-of-a-kind sleep experience to our prospective customers.

Find out more about them and how they differ from one another in the following sections.


MLILY® is an international brand specializing in industry-leading sleep solutions. As a team of sleep experts, we work tirelessly to create innovative designs revolutionary materials and provide you with lifechanging sleeping experiences.

At MLILY®, we don’t take our title as sleep experts lightly. That’s why we have taken a step further to assure you get the best stress-free sleep possible. Our MLILY® patented materials are scientifically engineered to provide a supportive, comfortable feel that adapts to your body’s natural pressure points, relieving stress and pressure. This reduces tossing at turning and helps you fall asleep faster and sleep deeper.

Clinical studies have found that MLILY® pressure-relieving mattresses can increase the average deep sleep time by 13%.

Even better, our researchers have found out that sleeping on an MLILY® pressure-relieving mattress can reduce the average time it takes to fall asleep by 49%.

MLILY® mattresses are designed to help you experience a deeper, cooler, and more rejuvenating sleep. With an MLILY® topper, you can revitalize or change the style of your existing bed, whereas, with our pillow, you can count on excellent support and relaxing sleep.

MLILY® – Relieve Pressure, Sleep Better


ESSENCE SLEEP® brand is dedicated to obtaining the best sleeping experience. By making affordable, high-quality memory foam sleep products, like mattresses, toppers,
and pillows, we create the highest value for our customers and make the world a better place, one sweet dream at a time.

Besides providing the best anatomical support, ESSENCE SLEEP® products also offer a range of other benefits that positively affect the health and microclimate in which we
sleep. Our carefully selected fabrics and their performance and compositions protect you from bacteria and mites during sleep. Our covers are easy to clean and enhance
breathability for improved temperature regulation.

To facilitate better sleeping solutions and improve our customers’ lives, we develop and design sleep products that have acquired all necessary certificates, like CertiPur®, OEKO-TEX®, and others, that show their quality complies with various international standards and regulations.

By anticipating our customers’ needs and exceeding their expectations, we strive to continue to offer innovative and high-quality sleep products and make a positive impact in
their lives.

ESSENCE SLEEP® – Where Dreams Come True

Our factory

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