Kako bismo drzali korak sa najnovijim inovativnim odstignucima achievements and keep constant improvement, the company HealthCare Europe, together with its mother company HealthCare Co., Ltd, continue to grow every day to create more innovative, superior quality, and highly recognizable foam products for our customers.
We pride ourselves in producing and offering three unique and innovative foams that have earned us the title of one of the regional leaders in foam production.

Ove pene su:

  • AirCell® foam
  • Smart foam™

AirCell® foam

AirCell® NA SPRKOM foam provides the ideal balance of conforming support and pressure-relieving comfort.

We produce this memory foam type of lower density 28-40 kg/m3 . What is interesting about this foam is that it has all of the characteristics of regular memory foam but is less sensitive to changes in temperature.

The AirCell® foam is excellent as it comes with many benefits for sleepers. It instantly conforms to the body’s contours, providing exceptional support while simultaneously relieving pressure. It also helps increase blood circulation, allowing muscle regeneration and minimizing tossing and turning during sleep.

Another positive characteristic of this foam type is that it inhibits the growth of bacteria and mold. This makes AirCell® hypo-allergenic, dust mite resistant, and anti-microbial. Thanks to its breathable cell structure, the foam guarantees a comfortable sleep environment all year round.

Smart foam™

NA SRPSKOM Smart foam™ is breathable, flexible, and effectively adapts to the body’s natural contours.

This foam is called “latex-like” because it is remarkably similar to natural latex. Smart foam™ has all the physical-mechanical properties of latex, like the rubber-like elasticity, exceptional tenacity, and comfort.

One of the foam’s many advantages is its open-cell structure, which allows the foam to “breath.” With improved breathability, there is no need for additional perforations. Thanks to this ability, the foam is allergy-free.

This “latex-like” foam is currently produced in two different densities, ranging from 50-55 kg/m3.

Smart foam™ is most commonly used for making pillows, mattresses, and surface layers because it is very adaptable and soft, ensuring a more comfortable, restful night’s sleep.

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