May 22, 2022

Reasons why we collect data (data processing purpose):

  1. Website www.
    Suppose you wish to be regularly notified of our company’s activities through the possibility of a
    newsletter application. In that case, we offer you the opportunity to be always and timely informed of all
    news. You only need to leave your email address as personal information to enable you to make this
    application possible.
  2. Employment candidates
    To become part of our team, you need to visit our careers page and leave us information on which we
    can contact you and select you for the desired workplace. Also, in case you want an answer to an
    important question about our services, the easiest way to do that is to leave us your personal
    information, so that we can do so in a timely manner and as soon as possible and to get the information
    to you on time.
  3. cookies/cookies
    In order to ensure that our website and search our websites are functioning as best as possible, we will
    collect data during your visit to our website. For this purpose, we use cookies and Google Analytics, which
    you can find more information about in later lines, as well as using and interacting with our company’s
    social media accounts or using social media platforms to provide the best information about our products
    and services.
    In addition to these purposes, we may be processing personal data for the purpose of negotiating,
    concluding, and fulfilling contracts.
    For these purposes, we may process your basic data (e.g., first and last name, address, contact data, date
    and place of birth, as well as citizenship), identification data (e.g., company registry statements,
    identification card data, signature example), data regarding our business relationship (e.g., payment data,
    information about issued accounts), information about the company’s structure and ownership structure,

photos and videos (e.g., when producing and shipping goods) as well as other data depending on the
specific contractual relationship. It is impossible to provide a complete list of all the personal data that we
process because each can provide different data on their resumes when it comes to the records of
potential job candidates.
Please note that you decide whether or not to provide us with any data. For this reason, when entering
data on a Web site, make sure all fields are required. If you decide to fill in all fields, we guarantee you
the security of all the data and that we will use it only for the purpose for which you gave it to us.
Hereinafter, this Privacy Policy clarifies how Healthcare Europe collects, stores, processes, uses and
transmits your personal data. Data processing is done in accordance with applicable legislation. By using
or accessing our websites, you confirm that you have read with understanding and agree to collect, save,
process, use, and transfer your personal data. Read this Privacy Policy carefully to be more precise about
the main provisions of our policies and practices regarding the data provided and how we will use it. It is
essential to introduce you to the fact that Healthcare Europe sometimes has the property of a handler
and sometimes a personal data processor depending on the purpose of processing. The processor is a
natural or legal person, i.e., an authority that processes personal data on behalf of the handler.
We make sure that every visit you make is safe and secure under all legal regulations, as well as safe
internet use. If, however, you disagree with our policies and practices, your choice will be not to use our
website. By joining, you give consent to use your will of the data provided.