June 9, 2022

What is Google Analytics, and what is it for?

Google Analytics, the official internet tool of the famous Google service, is used to analyze visits and the
quality of use of our websites. This service is provided by Google Inc. (“Google”), which applies cookies
stored on your computer and enables an analysis of our website’s use.

These cookies enable us to improve your user experience and our services according to your wishes or
indicators of how you use our website.

We further emphasize your security by using our websites permanently guaranteed by the high standards
of privacy policies we enforce!

As mentioned above, you can disable cookies from being saved by setting them up on your browser. You
can also prevent the storage of cookie-related data and data related to the Web page you use and
Google’s processing of this data by downloading and installing Browser-Plugin.

Please note that the use of the browser-plugin app is reserved only for some search engines. You must
not deactivate or delete them after installation to continue to be deactivated by Google Analytics.
See the following link for more detailed information about how Google processes your data.