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Final products, semi products and raw materials for all sleeping needs

We are well known as memory and PU foam mattresses, toppers and pillows manufacturing leades all over the Europeand and world market. We can offer you extremely wide final and semi products asortment, and every and each one of them is made according to the highest international quality and safety standards, confirmed with CertiPurⓇ i OEKO-TEXⓇ certificates.

If you would like your company be the one to make the finishing steps of a production, you can order from us only product cores, memory and PU foam blocks or PU and memory foam flakes. We offer you raw materials of the finest quality, suitable for different ways of further processing.

Modern design of our products , flawless functionality and incontestable quality is provided by a team of experts, but also completely controlled development path of products which guarantees the highest quality control on every step of a production cycle.

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Whatever you demand we complete

If you are interested in poliurethane foam as a raw material, we can offer you nearly 15 different types of regular PU foam, aproximately 10 types of memory foam with different densities and characteristics, 4 types of HR foam and 2 types of a `smart` foam that own an extraordinary performances of a natural latex..

Choice of foams themselves, this wide, provides even wider choice of cores, semi products and final products, because all these types of foam may be combined according to what you want to offer to your costumers.

Precisely, rapidly and highly effective, we will fulfill your demands and expectations and if you are not sure which option is best for your business and final costumers, our team of experts will gladly help you with your selection of products, composition, preferences, design, fabrics and even packaging.

Whichever option you choose, there is no room for a mistake, because behind you stand well played team of a professionals and top- notch resources.


Softer, firmer, elasthetic, perforated, profiled, with `summer` and `winter` side, reversible, completely made of foam or in combination with pocket springs are just some of the possibilities that we offer, when we talk about mattresses from HealthCare Europe production.

You may choose basic, one – layered mattresses, mattresses with two – layered core and multi – layered luxurious models, but also those with foam quilted in outer cover and even mattresses that come with detachable toppers.

They can be made with specially treated outer covers which give them extraordinary performances such as Aloe Vera, Bamboo fiber, Lyocell, Silver iones, cooling effect fabric, high quality cotton or classic polyester covers.

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Mattress toppers

This very practical and popular product may be produced in numerous variations, heights and dimensions. Starting from firmness, which determines if topper will be intended for general comfort improvement or for therapeutical causes, toppers may be produced from any sort of memory or regular PU foam, same as combination of different foam types: regular, memory, HR, memory with cooling gel infused and similar.

Thanks to advanced technologies we use, cutting and shaping machines are allowing us to give some special purposes to our products via different profiling. For example, pyramidal structures provide gently massage feeling, while popular 7 support zones profiles provide full muscle relaxation.

Also, it is possible to create special core perforations to achieve advanced air circulation, higher level of comfort and fresh sleeping surface.


Depending on techology you choose, we have possibility to produce cut foam pillow in different shapes, numerous molded foam pillow or classical pillows filled with memory or regular foam flakes.

Althought molded and cut pillows have major differences in firmness and preferences, every one of them has different advantages, and both types may be produced in various shapes.

The most popular are famous contour pillows and `soap` shaped pillows, our asortment is much wider: ergonomically shaped, lumbar, travel pillows for neck, anti snore, side sleep and many other types of pillows.

According to your request, pillows can be made in different sizes, heights, but also with other purposes such as decorative cushions, sitting pillows or pregnancy and baby pillows.

Foam core mattresses:

Most common foam mattresses types are those completely made of PU fomas. For a base layer, ussualy is used regular supportive firm PU foam, while other layers may be differently arranged. They can be made of memory foams of different densitys, latex like foams, softer regular foams, foams with cooling gel infused or HR foams. This types of mattresses may be single – sided or reversible ( where you have additional foam layers added to both sides of a mattress in order to achieve different firmness levels and different core functions).

Mattresses with pocket springs:

Other option are mattresses with cores made of a combined memory and regular PU foam and innovative pocket springs, also known as `hybrid mattresses`. Springs, separately placed in their own `pockets` – non woven fabric wrapers that prevent springs to divide and split, form the mattress base – solid and supportive. Spring base is framed into breathable regular PU foam, and it may have memory or other foam layers on just one or both sides. This type of mattresses is usually thicker, less firm and remind on traditional mattresses – surface is more flexible and bouncy.

Toppers with flat core:

Flat cut toppers can be made of regular PU foams of different densities – these types are usually used to give back support to old and worn out mattresses or to cover unevenness and lumps. Cores made of memory foam are used to improve general comfort, soften too firm beds and mattresses, but also to help in pain relief. The unique memory foam preference is that it may disperse pressure equally, which leads to pain, stiffness and tension elimination.

Toppers made of memory and regular foam combined are not rare, because this solution allows balance of support, softness and covering power in only one product.

Profiled and perforated toppers:

Advanced cutting machines we use are allowing us to attach some additional benefits to our toppers. For example, pyramidal profiled cores can provide a tender massage feeling and an extra stimulating and relaxing full body musculature.

7 – zones profiling is very popular because with different heights and shapes, this type of core provides absolutely adjustable support for different body regions.

We can use this kind of processing on both memory and regular foam toppers. Also, by require, we can do different perforations and making holes in core, in order to improve air circulation and general comfort.

Cut pillows:

Pillows with cut foam cores are featured with wide spectrum of firmness – starting with low density foams, foams with high density, foams with cooling gel infused, but also foams with natural latex characteristics.

Most popular shapes we produce are anatomic pillows (also well known as contour pillow) and rounded rectangle better known as `soap` pillow. Dimensions may be very different and cores can be multi – layered, which gives adjustable height and firmness.

Molded pillows:

Precise and complex foaming technology results with a perfectly shaped product, without any need for further processing, gluing or redefining shape.

Mold pillows are made from very high-density memory foams which makes them very adjustable, supportive and completely homogeneously and smooth. At this moment we own more than 300 molds that can shape about 15 different mold memory pillow types.


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