јун 2, 2022


Every story has its beginning, and ours begins in 2003 when Mr. Ni Zhanggen founded our parent company HealthCare Co. Ltd. The first factory was built in Nantong City in the southeastern Jiangsu province of China. Since then, it has become one of China’s largest memory foam manufacturers.

In 2012, our company has been established in Novi Sad, Serbia, with only a few dozen employees. The same year, we signed a Memorandum of Understanding, which entails further development of a total of 1200 employees and impressive production capacities.

Two years later, in 2014, the company moved to Ruma, where factory construction was underway. The factory’s construction was only the first step out of planned 50-million-euro investments into Serbia.

The factory opened in 2015 and subsequently began its production of a broad assortment of sleeprelated products and foams. Our success is achieved through utilizing the latest technological possibilities on the market.

Today, our factory spans more than 60.000 square meters. It has 4 manufacturing facilities, where we conduct a complete production cycle – from the very foams we use to the final sleep product of the finest quality.

We employ more than 700 diligent workers and continue expanding and growing our family.