јун 2, 2022


As sleep industry experts, we know how important a mattress for healthy and comfortable sleep is. We also know that each of us has different sleep needs.

Therefore, in our factory, we create the highest quality and various mattress models to respond to your request as best as possible. From softer to firmer, through perforated and profiled, those with “summer and winter” sides, to the foamy ones and those with pocket springs, are just some of the mattresses found in our offer.

You can choose between basic one-layered and two-layered mattresses or luxury multi-layered mattresses and those with a detachable topper or with a quilted foam inside the cover.

To complement the sleep experience, we also have a wide selection of covers that are treated to possess unique properties. We make fabrics with Aloe Vera, bamboo fibers, Tencel, or fabrics with a cooling effect. And, of course, we also have the good old classics – quality cotton and polyester covers.