јун 2, 2022

Block foaming re

Production of conventional PU and memory foams of the highest quality is what we are, next to a wide assortment of final products, recognized worldwide.

In block production, we own a continuous max foam/lay-down foaming line for flexible PU foam. On the 250 m long foaming line, we have been producing 20 and 40 m long flexible PU foam blocks within the density range from 18 to 80 kg/m3. More than 40 dosing lines allows us to foam a wide range of foam types and densities:

Conventional(M) foam, density 18-35 kg/m3
HR(G) foam, density 30-40 kg/m3
AirCell®(Q) foam, density 28-40 kg/m3
Gel AirCell®(Q) foam
Memory (P) foam, density 40-80 kg/m3
Memory (P) foam with gel
Smart (R)-latex-like foam™, density 50-55 kg/m3
Conventional flame retardant (FR) foam
Memory FR foam

Together with their subtypes, all these foam types differentiate by firmness, level of flexibility, and cell structure. Every one of them is possible to combine with another foam type, which makes the choice we offer fascinating.