јун 2, 2022

Cutting and molding re

After regular and memory foam blocks foaming on a 250 m long line, the block will be cut and shaped through the most advanced machines. We own 7 CNC machines for long blocks cutting and further cutting preparation, 6 CNC machines for 3D short blocks cutting in different 3D/contour shapes, 3 Carousell machines for high–efficiency cutting of flat foam plates, 2 vertical cut machines, 2 profiling
machines (for multi-zoned mattresses and toppers), 3 crushing machines with rollers for cell structure
opening, 2 machines for foam perforation, and 1 peeling for cutting of foam foil rolls.

Gluing line, as an integral part of the foam cutting line, has been used to complete cores production for final products.

Molded pillow cores are produced by the most advanced robotic line with a capacity of about 80.000 molded pillows per month. We can create contour pillows, “soap” shaped pillows, travel neck pillows, lumbar pillows, sitting cushions, and everything in different dimensions and foam density, with or without perforated holes for better airflow.