јун 2, 2022

Memory foam RS

The most popular type of foam you can find on the market is memory foam. Memory foam has the unique feature of slow recovery after pressure (“slow recovery” effect) and progressive adaptation to the shape of the sleeper’s body, the influence of body temperature and the environment.

The core of the mattress, topper, or pillow, made using layers of memory foam, provides an exceptional feeling of relaxation, as the foam of these characteristics distributes the body pressure evenly at all points of support.

We produce TDI-based memory foams (“P”) within a wide density range of 40 – 80 kg/m3 and MDI-based AirCell® foam in a density range of 28 – 40 kg/m3.

With gel particles infused into the cell structure, our memory and AirCell® foam can provide a cooling effect.

We can also offer our customers flame retardant (FR) memory foams for specific applications.