јун 9, 2022

Mold pillows forming

Molded pillow production has been managed by the most advanced robot line technology. The foam’s chemical components must be precisely mixed and injected into a prepared mold.

The unique production technique that includes high-quality molds allows us to produce an identically shaped pillow with perfect contours and edges. Using molds, we can create all those shapes that cannot be obtained by simply cutting off a foam block.

The factory in Serbia can produce 15 different dimensions and shapes of molded pillows:

Contour pillow,
Traditional (“soap” shaped) pillow,
Lumbar cushion,
Travel pillow, etc.

Per customer requirements, pillows can be produced with a gel pad. Different fragrances can be infused as well.

The hardness of pillows can also be adjusted by customer requirements. The pillow can be made with or without holes to improve airflow.

You can see our catalogs of molded pillows here: