јун 2, 2022

Nasi Sertifikati

For our business to be successful, we must consider that our products are safe for users and show respect and care for our employees. This is also demonstrated by our numerous certificates, which prove that we strictly adhere to the highest international regulations and parameters and manage our business and organization of working conditions accordingly.

Since its inception, the company has been certified and operates in accordance with the requirements of Standard Quality Management – ISO 9001: 2015, constantly working to improve its processes following the dynamic internal and external environment of the business.

HealthCare Europe d.o.o. carries two OEKO-TEX®. The certificate numbered 25.3.0154 guarantees that the PU, whether shaped or molded into a block, is safe for our consumer’s health and environment. On the other hand, the OEKO-TEX® 25.3.0155 certificate is proof that our final products are free of harmful substances and durable, meeting the highest environmental and market standards.

Since February of 2017, HealthCare Europe d.o.o. has carried the right to the CertiPur® certification. Numbered C-SRB-1216-987-0325, it guarantees our buyers that our foams, which we incorporate into the final products, meet the consumption criteria and requirements set by the CertiPur® Safety Health Environment standards.

During the same year, we were granted the BSCI certification under the number 355547/79668. It expresses high-social responsibility and awareness that HealthCare Europe d.o.o. shows towards its employees and the wider community